Here's what people are saying about Nova:

"I have been taking "Bladder Complex" for two weeks. Since the first dosages I felt better of the symptoms of "chronic cistitis" --I started with
50 drops every hour for three hours) and then continue with 50 drops 4 times daily--. After 3 days I reduced the dosage to 25 drops 3-times daily, following the instructions in the label of the bottle. Still I haven't finished the first bottle. Currently the symptoms almost dissapear.
I'm very happy. This is the first time I felt some relief of the terible symptoms of the "cistitis" for around 3-years, I would like to know how long
I can continue taking this medicine and the dosage.

Thanks for your help."
--Josefina Martinez

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your Stage fright Complex. I am a singer and have had severe problems with stage fright
in the past. None of the normal “visualization” or relaxation type of treatments recommended for stage fright helped me, because I would feel outwardly relaxed and calm right up to the moment of performance, and then I would have paralyzing physical effects (tightening of the chest, difficulty breathing) as soon as I stared to perform. I stumbled upon your product at a local health food store and thought "it couldn’t hurt". I began taking it a couple of days before an audition. I did not feel any particular effects, nor did I feel any more relaxed than normal, but when I went into the audition my physical nervousness symptoms just didn't happen! It was like a miracle.

I recommended the product to my voice teacher and even loaned her my bottle before a major recital she had to perform. She agreed that the product is effective after using it herself.

I had wondered if I was having a "placebo" effect with the product, but now I am certain I was not. I ran out awhile back and could not
find it again at the store where I originally purchased it. They only carried another line, which had a similarly-named product, so I thought I
would try that instead. The other product had absolutely no effect on my pre-performance jitters, and left me convinced that your complex is
truly effective and the only product of this type that I would recommend to other performers.

Thank you for making this wonderful product."
--Yvette Robinson

"I had never before used a homeopathic that worked for me -- but after a dose of the Exhaustion remedy, suddenly I was ready to go."
-- Martha B., Oregon

"I've used Nova remedies for years and always derive benefits from them. My personal favorites are Stress, Exhaustion, and especially the Sinus remedy. I appreciate using products that work, and they are reasonably priced!"
-- Andy K., South Dakota

"I add Nova Stress Complex to my bedside drinking water. If I wake up during the night, this enables me to relax and quickly fall back to sleep again."
-- Riva L., Arizona

"After weight-training, I drink a pint of water with 15 drops of Nova's SPORT INJURY Complex, and am not sore the next day!"
-- Riva L., Arizona

"Best thing that ever happened to my allergies, bar none! This is after years of trying various natural products. Nova's Sinus, Hayfever, and Asthma remedies are my magic combination."
-- Lare C., Arizona

"If I'm having trouble falling asleep, I just take 20 drops of the Relaxation in a small glass of water and I'm sound asleep in about 15 minutes."
-- Bert T., California

"Injury Trauma also works great on blisters, bumps and bruises. I use it topically and the blister and pain goes away!"
-- Bert T., California