Every Nova Homeopathic Remedy is formulated to offer relief from related
symptoms as a single remedy. When the symptoms exceed the indications of
one complex remedy, you may combine, if necessary, two or more complex
remedies to address all symptoms.
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Air Pollution - Allergic reaction to tobacco smoke, car exhaust, perfumes, fireplace smoke.
Supporting Combinations: Asthma, Exhaustion, Hayfever, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Sinus.

Asthma - Allergic bronchial and/or emotional asthma attacks.
Supporting Combinations: Air Pollution, Circulation, Cough, Exhaustion, Hayfever, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Stress.

Bladder - Painful burning and/or soreness when urinating. Frequent urge to urinate.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Injury/Trauma, Infection, Lymphatic.

Bloating - Pressure under diaphragm, belching, rumbling in bowel and need to pass gas.
Supporting Combinations: Colic, Exhaustion, Indigestion, Nervousness, Stress.

Burn - Burns, sunstroke, blistering, skin redness, dizziness and nausea.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Infection, Injury/Trauma, Lymphatic, Stress.

Circulation - Poor circulation, cold hands and feet and hardening of the arteries.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Varicose Vein.

Cold - Coughs, fever, stuffy head, post-nasal drip and chest congestion.
Supporting Combinations: Cold Sore, Cough, Ear, Exhaustion, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Throat.

Cold Sore - Fever blisters, canker sores, cracked lips, scabs on chin and mouth.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Infection, Lymphatic.

Colic - Griping, cutting and/or spasmodic pain in abdomen, entrapped gas.
Supporting Combinations: Bloating, Exhaustion, Indigestion, Lymphatic.

Colon - Sluggish, or irregular bowel movements.
Supporting Combinations: Lymphatic,Exhaustion, Liver, Indigestion, Relaxation.

Cough - Dry or wet tickling, hacking, spasmodic, croup-like or smoker's cough.
Supporting Combinations: Asthma, Exhaustion, Lymphatic, Respiratory.

Defense - Support function of mucous membranes and cellular system.
Supporting Combinations: Lymphatic, Exhaustion, Liver, Relaxation.

Depression - Grief, anxiety, despair and melancholy.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Nervousness, Stress.

Diarrhea - Pain, burning, watery stool, intestinal cramps.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Indigestion, Lymphatic.

Ear - Earache pains of all kinds.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Fever, Infection, Lymphatic, Sinus, Throat.

Exhaustion - Lack of energy due to mental and/or emotional stress.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Depression, Nervousness, Stress.

Fever - Intermittent fever, dry heat of skin, mucous draining and inflammatory fever.
Supporting Combinations:  Burn, Circulation, Cold, Ear, Exhaustion, Flu, Infection, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Throat.

Flu - Chills, fever, muscle and joint aches, eventually with nausea and/or diarrhea.
Supporting Combinations: Cough, Diarrhea, Ear, Exhaustion, Fever, Indigestion, Lymphatic, Sinus, Throat.

Hayfever - Sneezing, tearing, swollen itchy palate.
Supporting Combinations: Air Pollution, Asthma, Cough, Exhaustion, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Sinus, Throat.

Headache - Stress, headaches, stiffness in the neck, pain in the eyes and neuralgic pain.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Stress, Vision.

Hemorrhoid - Painful, itching, stinging, burning or swollen hemorrhoids.
Supporting Combinations: Bloating, Circulation, Exhaustion, Indigestion, Infection, Lymphatic, Stress, Varicose Vein.

Indigestion - Mild heartburn, acid stomach, belching, bloating, overeating and/or hiatal hernia discomfort.
Supporting Combinations: Bloating, Exhaustion, Nervousness, Stress.

Infection - Inflammatory and ulcerating process of skin, ulcer-like sores, boils and bedsores.
Supporting Combinations. Circulation, Exhaustion, Fever, Lymphatic.

Injury/Trauma - Trauma, wounds, breaks, sprains, bruises, fractures and dislocations.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Depression, Exhaustion, Infection, Lower back, Lymphatic, Muscle Cramp,
Shoulder/Arm, Sport Injury, Stress.

Joint - Light inflammation, gout and arthritic-like pains in joints.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Injury/Trauma, Lower Back, Lymphatic, Muscle Cramp,
Shoulder/Arm, Sport Injury.

Leg Cramp - Cramps or stiffness in legs or feet, nighttime cramps in calves. Cramps while walking.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Varicose Vein.

Liver - Liver congestion and dysfunction due to toxic overload from alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs.
Supporting Combinations: Colon, Depression

Lower Back - Aching, stiffness, sciatica, shooting pains in lower back, hips and legs.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Injury/Trauma, Joint, Muscle Cramp, Shulder/Arm, Sport Injury,

Lymphatic - Inflammation, swollen lymph nodes, low immune system, effects of toxins.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Infection.

Male - Constant urge to urinate, dribbling after urination, weak stream.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Infection, Stress.

Menopause - Hot flashes, perspiration, mood swings, heaviness in uterus.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Depression, Exhaustion, Lymphatic, Nervousness, PMS, Stress, Varicose Vein.

Menstrual Cramp - Throbbing, griping, shooting and cramping pains of uterus and ovaries. Best used with PMS.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Nervousness, PMS, Stress.

Motion Sickness - Vertigo, or nausea when walking or riding in a car, train, boat or airplane.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Nervousness, Phobia.  

Muscle Cramp - Writers and music player cramps. Cramps in hands, legs calves and feet. Muscle spasms, in general.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion.

Nervousness - Feeling Stress, restlessness, frenzy, apprehension or excitement.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Phobia, Relaxation, Stage Freight, Stress.

Phobia - Fear of elevators, enclosed spaces, airplanes, crowds, wide open spaces and buildings.
Supporting Combinations: Nervousness, Stress.

PMS - Mild cramps, bloating, tender breasts, emotional distress, lower backache.
Supporting Combinations: Bloating, Circulation, Depression, Diarrhea, Exhaustion, Lower Back, Menopause, Menstrual
Cramp, Nervousness, Stress.

Relaxation - Agitated mind, sleeplessness, excitability, need for calmness and tranquility.
Supporting Combinations: Depression, Exhaustion, Nervousness, Stress.

Respiratory - Coughs, asthma, lung congestion, and bronchial infections.
Supporting Combinations: Air Pollution, Asthma, Cold, Cough, Exhaustion, Fever, Hayfever, Infection, Lymphatic, Sinus.

Shoulder/Arm - Aching, tightness, stiffness in muscles or joints of neck, shoulder, arms, hand or fingers.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Injury/Trauma, Joint, Lower Back, Muscle Cramp, Sport Injury,

Sinus - Puffy and itching eyes, headache, stuffy nose, chest congestion, sinus drainage and scratchy throat.
Supporting Combinations: Air Pollution, Cough, Ear, Exhaustion, Hayfever, Infection, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Throat.

Skin Rash - Discomfort due to hives, bee stings, insect bites, Poison Ivy/Oak, food allergies, skin reactions, and diaper
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Injury/Trauma, Lymphatic.

Sport Injury - Sprains, Bruises, swelling, strained or torn muscles or ligaments.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Injury/Trauma, Joint, Lower Back, Lymphatic, Muscle Cramp,
Shoulder/Arm, Stress.

Stage Fright - Anxiety, insecurity, fear of tests or exams, dating, public performances, public speaking or shyness.
Supporting Combinations: Nervousness,Stress.

Stress - Irritability, tension, mental exhaustion, frustration, restlessness.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Nervousness, Relaxation.

Teething - Earache pain from teething, low-grade fever, indigestion, cranky moods, also helps cutting teeth.
Supporting Combinations: Diarrhea, Ear, Exhaustion, Indigestion, Lymphatic.

Throat - Sore, scratchy, raw throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, painful or swollen glands and swollen tonsils.
Supporting Combinations: Exhaustion, Fever, Infection, Lymphatic.

Toothache - Toothache, neuralgic, drawing and shooting pains from cavity or extraction, exposure to warm or cold.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Infection, Injury/Trauma, Lymphatic, Stress.

Varicose Veins - Swollen, burning, aching and/or pulsating varicose veins.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion, Infection, Injury/Trauma, Lymphatic.

Vision - Strained or tired eyes from extensive driving, computer use, reading or prolonged television watching.
Supporting Combinations: Circulation, Exhaustion.
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